Having a live fundraising professional ensures that all the hard work you've put into your event pays off in the form of maximum net revenue.


Whether you are planning a traditional "live" event or a hybrid "virtual live" event, Emily will advise every step of the way.



All clients receive:

  • pre-event consultation

  • unlimited phone and email consultation

  • an evaluation of all night-of event components

  • goal assessment

  • day/night-of auctioneering or live-fundraising services

  • de-briefing

All clients will learn more about:

  • creating clear and concise event goals and targets​

  • best-selling auction items and how to create amazing live-auction items "out of thin air"

  • donors, sponsors, matching grants and other ways to maximize profits

  • ordering live auction items

  • audio/visual needs including sound, slide-shows, speeches, music, talent and more

  • event timeline, including check-in/entry/registration and check-out

  • consignment items

  • venue layout

  • overall event presentation


Email or call 510.929.1066 to hear more about Emily's available products and services. We offer something for everyone.


Are you interested in a simple to follow blueprint for planning and executing your benefit and want to know that the blueprint has proven results?

The Step-by-Step formula Emily has used over and over with her nonprofit consulting clients to help them raise millions of dollars.

Build Your Best Benefit is an online course that will teach you how to plan and execute your own successful benefit.

Curious about software platforms to support your event?

Emily's team can give you advice as you shop around and compare event software platforms.


With the landscape changing quickly, there are many options that provide a range of opportunity, depending on what your organization currently uses for donor-tracking and for what you are trying to achieve with your event.

Have question? Be sure to let us know when you reach out.

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