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Hey - Emily here.


I live in Oakland with my husband and 3 big-kids. This is where I would write my “in my free time” bit but honestly, I have very little free time. I love hanging out with my family. We watch movies together on weekends (though I forget how every movie ends) and I like to do art with my kids when I can. I take my dog Bill on hikes most days–I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks while we walk.


My brain is always going. I’m an ISFJ-T and I am remarkably introverted, despite my very extroverted appearances.

Why I do what I do.

I grew my benefit auctioneering business by following my heart (this is actually a fun story, if you’re ever interested). It all started with a small event for a small organization in 2008 and grew into a fully-integrated consulting and fundraising business. Along the way I was told by several notable men in my field that I wouldn’t make it on my own. I’ve clearly proved them wrong. I am an entrepreneur at heart, with business-owners on both sides of my family for generations. 


I’m inspired to take what gifts I’ve cultivated in this life and use them in service to others. I like to make people happy, to make connections, to inspire others and to help. With all my “work projects,” my goal is to take my creativity and the lessons I’ve learned through my own experience and share it all as best I can, to help make the world a better place. 


So far–I think I’m doing a decent job.

Hear Emily Quinn on The Savvy Spirit Podcast

Other Projects

I always have “side projects” going on. Here are a couple:
This is my husband’s “side-gig” that I help with.
The PTO Community provides school PTO/PTA leadership an easy-to-access space to share ideas, post questions and connect with other school leaders, to engage, support and unite, so we can better serve our school communities.

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