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Your organization is unique, so your solutions should be, too.

Customized consultation can support your event or annual/cyclical fundraising efforts. If you have a limited team, consultation can offer a professional outside perspective. If you're interested in working with a volunteer/parent volunteer, consultation will ensure a seamless and successful event. It's free to explore options, so reach out and let's chat.

Event Fundraising
Annual Fundraising
Episodic Strategic Fundraising

Get the help you need.

Do you have a parent/volunteer auctioneer you love, but who needs a little support to maximize your fundraising?


Not sure how your fundraising event interacts with other annual/strategic fundraising efforts?


My consultation packages allow for flexible advising throughout the year, outside of your event, in the way you need, when you need it most.

Office Meeting

Get Started

Reach out to discuss your options and we'll create a custom package together. You decide if you’d like to create performance indicators or just keep it organic. 

  1. Click the button below to give me some preliminary information (skip what's irrelevant but offer as much as you can otherwise!)

  2. Book a discovery call so we can explore options.

  3. Create a plan of action and secure your package.

  4. Get started!

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