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Are you a solopreneur trying to navigate the self-employment ocean?

Emily offers bite-sized guidance to help you get started. These sessions are designed to support consultants, auctioneers and other “solopreneurs” to help you know what questions to ask when you break out on your own.


Why work with Emily?

When you’re starting your own business, there’s little room for error. But often, business owners don’t know what they don’t know. 


Work with Emily so you can avoid common pitfalls.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • Business banking

  • Value-based pricing strategy

  • Taxes

  • Business structure

  • Systemizing your business

  • Maximizing workflows

  • What to (and not to) focus on when you get started

What You Get

Consultation can be booked hourly, as a package or project-based. You decide if you’d like to create performance indicators or just keep it organic. 


  1. Book a discovery call to decide what we need to get done

  2. Create a plan of action and secure your package

  3. Get started 

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