virtual-live study sessions

These topic-driven "study sessions" are designed to give attendees a learning session followed by peer-supported brainstorming. Each session is 60 minutes and your entire event-team is welcome to attend. Receive a recording of the session you register and attend  (you'll get the recording even if you can't attend). Each session is offered three times. All attendees may also join up to four "Open Hours" for unstructured group Q&A with Emily. Add two 60-minute private-consultation calls to add detailed guidance to your planning process. 

Individual Sessions: $99 each
3 Sessions: $247
6 Sessions: $495
Add TWO 60-minute private consultation calls: $299
$695 for a 6-session series with two private calls (save $198)
$1779 for "Unlimited Access" to Study Sessions, plus two private calls (save $501)
All attendees may join "Open Hours" anytime.

Session Topics Overview:

  • 1: Planning for an Uncertain Future

  • 2: Budget, Financials and ROI

  • 3: Audience Attraction and Retention

  • 4: Marketing, Branding and Communication

  • 5: Virtual Fundraising Event Technology

  • 6: Building Your Team and Detailing Planning Phases