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Planning for an Uncertain Future

I often find that development teams face an uphill battle when it comes to getting full buy-in from leadership and the board around planning and producing a virtual event. This is especially true when so much feels uncertain.

This session topic of The Virtual Fundraising Events Study Session Series helps you navigate the challenges of planning your virtual event and getting your leadership and board on the same page.

All About Planning for an Uncertain Future

When I ran the first study session series in August and September, the uncertain future that we were talking about was - will things be opening? Will organizations be having hybrid events? So really the gist of this section is how do we plan for an event when we have no idea what the future holds? If we're planning for three months from now or six months from now? How can we strategize? And then how can we communicate with our audience? What it is that we're doing and why it is that we're doing it and I'll add a little bit of another kind of spin that I started to notice in working with my 15, one-on-one clients during 2020 was that the development team would kind of want to plug along and plan their event based on the information that we had now. And sometimes we get some pushback from leadership, or the board saying, "what if we try to plan for two different events, or maybe things will be open". So what I want to do in this part of the program is work with you on how to strategize for those situations how to make those decisions, and how to articulate and communicate to you know, all of your stakeholders, whether it's your board, or your audience, or, or leadership, about why it is that you're choosing these routes, this route that you're choosing, and why it doesn't make sense to try to, you know, triangulate and predict the future. So that is section one, planning for an uncertain future. Read about the next topic here: Budget, Financials and ROI Click here to know more about The Virtual Fundraising Events Study Session Series


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